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Manufacture of balancer for tools and exhaust hoses

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We manufacture & assemble balancers

We manufacture & assemble balancers for lifting exhaust hoses and tools, etc. in several weight classes with and without latches in our factory. You can easily specify your product requirements in your quotation request!

Welcome to Rofab Sweden

Who could think that we were from a rented cellar 1983 to develop into what we are today.
With own premises of 1000 sq.m. in Ånäset, as well as large contact networks, we have established a stable platform for good service.
In today’s state of high turnover, straight message and secure suppliers with sufficient flexibility are required to handle that little extra, which is sometimes needed to keep promised quality and delivery time.

We at ROFAB put the customer first and promise no more than we can keep.

Balancers from ROFAB – high quality balancers

Equip the workplace with ROFAB balancers, high quality balancers for assembly and production. A practical tool attachment and a stepless setting make it easier to lift and maintain tools in the right position. We provide the balancers you need to create a good working environment in the industry or in the warehouse. Balancers from ROFAB is safe and easy to handle and is available without or with lock.

Contact us and we will guide you in the selection of affordable and practical balance blocks for your business.

ROFAB balancers

  • A high quality balancer
  • Can be used for exhaust ducts, as well as balancing tools and controls etc, so that they “hover weightlessly” or pulled up to provide free work space.
  • Available with progressive or constant power, as well as with lock function.
  • Can be delivered with long extension length, up to 11 meters.
  • Is 99% recyclable.
  • Has a valid pattern protection within the EU
  • Is manufactured in Sweden
Own production of balancers
for tools and exhaust hoses
Castings, from drawing to finished product
Fasteners, from own stock